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Learned Tree Service
Formerly Eastern Timber Services

Licensed Arborist & Fully Insured


About Us

Formerly Eastern Timber Services, we are now operating under a new name. Same ownership and same great quality tree service our customer's have come to expect.

Sawyer is a licensed and fully insured arborist who grew up right here in Poland, ME. From the first time he picked up a chainsaw as a young teen he knew he'd found his passion.

He brings the knowledge and experience in tree felling and couples that with his extensive heavy equipment operating skills. This unique pairing of skills allows him to be prepared for a wide variety of situations and the ability to complete them efficiently.

Our Services

Licensed Arborist & Fully Insured

Tree Trimming

Tree Felling

Logger cutting wood with chainsaw

Hazardous Tree Removal


Lot Clearing

Excavator moving logs in forest
Image by Sergey Lapunin


Our small log truck is great for the smaller jobs that we do and jobs that require us to get into tighter spaces.

Our chip truck and chipper combo allows us to chip away the trees and brush instead of needing to bring a log truck to haul it away.

Our Equipment


Our big log truck allows us to haul away large loads of trees in only a load or two. This is great for large jobs that have a lot of trees to haul away.


Our aerial spider lift allows us to reach up to 92ft high! When folded up it is only 3ft wide, allowing us to get into hard to reach areas.

lift truck2_edited.jpg

Our custom designed lift truck was designed and built by Sawyer himself. This truck allows us to haul our aerial lift, mini skid steer and the rest of our equipment! This eliminates the need to tow a trailer which is handy on small streets and driveways.

oakie truck2.jpeg

Our mini skidsteer is a crucial tool in our everyday work! This little beast helps us to pick up the logs we cut down as well as grab piles of brush all at once. We use this to help us bring the wood and brush from where we cut the trees to closer to our log trucks for easier pick up.


These are some before and after pictures of jobs we have completed in the past.

Click on the arrows on the pictures to scroll back and forth between the before & after shots!
Cut Wood

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1143 Maine St, Poland, ME 04274, USA

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